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New new atmosphere, Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane Benitez to succeed as a coach, the team's coaching real madrid kit 2016 staff and all of substitutions, Zidane will coach the team himself taught at all when the two teams to a team, while Real Madrid Second, as the team returned from the Youth A team coach Ramis.

Zidane's coach at the group, is one of the key figures assistant coach Bertoni. Bertoni is a close friend of Zidane, both early in the Cannes to work together, then also go hand in hand. Achievements Bertoni age of the players is far better than Zidane, he only played ball in Cannes, LuQieSe and some unknown team, but Zidane has always maintained friendship. After Zidane return to Real Madrid, also took him to Real Madrid. When Zidane as an assistant coach Carlo Ancelotti, Bertoni is responsible for Real Madrid gather information about real madrid shirts opponents. Zidane together and later coached two teams, when Zidane was suspended, he has also represented coach duties.

Hamid team's rehabilitation division is more, the French also played football, but once the age of 15 injuries to his interest in injury rehabilitation, Hamid is now more rehabilitation specialists France. Real Madrid second team last year at the recommendation of Zidane and Hamid multiple signing. Hamid had worked more than the French national team and French football referees service.

Fitness coach Zidane coaching staff is LeiGuiNa.He is considered one of the best fitness coach in Spain, he real madrid football shirt served as Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao's fitness coach, in addition also in the Spanish Football Association. 2014 Leikui Na joined Real Madrid, Real Madrid players are very familiar with him.

Luo Pisi Real Madrid goalkeeper coach, he was in June 2015 by Real Madrid from Levante introduced. In Levante, the Luo Pisi is Costa Rica goalkeeper Navas coach. In fact very early Luo Pisi had to work in the Real Madrid youth academy, after follow to Athletic Bilbao coach Caparros.LuoPiSi is also seen as one of the best goalkeeping coach in the world.

Zidane's first training session cheap real madrid football shirts after taking office, four assistant on all the scene, in the training process can be seen Zidane several comments to them. As a "rookie" coach, Zidane to learn a lot of things, and four assistants will provide the best support for him.