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The next four months, Kane Tottenham contract will receive upgrade rewards, he will surpass Loris, Eriksson and Latin America to pull these weekly 6-70000 pounds of players, to become the club's highest-paid person. However, and to participate in the Champions League the club player compared to his real madrid kit 2016 income is still inadequate, the future he will also raise in salary, Tottenham had to listen to his advice.

Manchester United last summer, had to express interest in the introduction of Kane, but Tottenham refused. In fact, even if the case is ready to sell Kane, Tottenham are also more likely to choose "Real Mode", that is to say, other than to sell it to the English Premier League team, rather than the Premier League opponents.

Kane Tottenham last February signed real madrid shirts a contract with a five and a half years, the contract ended in 2020, his weekly wage is 45,000, but according to Tottenham habits, team players every year to re-sign the contract. Kane continued progress in the last contract, he was the top scorer in 2015, the highest salary he deserves the status of the club, the club hope before the end of the season and his contract again.

Kane has said his future at Tottenham, but his agent has insisted the club should pay players salaries according to the state, rather than the player's loyalty for granted. In addition to the players to sign contracts with brokers FoLaiSiQieMan Kane also with commercial brokers CAA Sports signed an agency contract, the company also agents of C Ronaldo, Falcao, Mourinho large football coffee. Kane also with BT Sport, Nike contract, if he can continue to maintain the current momentum, that real madrid football shirt his market value is very impressive.

According to the Swiss Football specialized research institutions CIES assessments, Kane is now the world's fifth highest worth of players, second only to Messi, Neymar, Azar and C Luo, the major clubs are clearly attached great importance to this information. According to the situation and the player's performance contract, CIES estimate the market value of 91 million euros Kane. It is worth mentioning that, before worth 20 players, only Kane, Coutinho and Loukakou unable to attend this season's Champions League.

Aldridge after 2012 will be sold to cheap real madrid football shirts Real Madrid, Tottenham club publicity they have established a "partnership" message with Real Madrid, but the second year, they again Bell sold the Bernabeu. Tottenham later explained that bilateral cooperation mainly refers to young players on loan. But now Real Madrid gave Tottenham provide a viable way to sell them a squad most popular players. If you have to sell the team's best players, and that Spurs would prefer to sell it to the Spanish giants in the family, rather than the Premier League opponents.