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Chelsea Core Azar mediocre performance this season, the Premier League last season MVP competitive state of decline badly. In addition, the earlier Mourinho class event in which he was also accused of the ghost fans, these factors make Azar in Chelsea now flies very happy. The latest news from the "Daily Mail", Azar real madrid kit 2016 I have decided to leave Chelsea in the summer, his potential next home including Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain.

"Post" said Azar has decided to leave Chelsea, but he would not in January winter transfer window to leave, time will be this summer, even Azar has told close friends will leave at the end of the season. Paris Saint-Germain believe they are in the lead position in Adjara competition, but also need to face Real Madrid and Bayern Munich competition.

"Daily Mail" said real madrid shirts that Paris is willing to come to Adjara 4500 pounds, but Chelsea to the Adjara's valuation of up to 9000 pounds. Chelsea had once 5,000 price will David - Lewis sold to Paris. As the core of the team and the best player in the Premier League last season Azar, the Blues clearly higher valuation, especially last season, and the team Azar was renewed for 5 years, his weekly wage of 20 pounds.

Azar total real madrid football shirt so far this season in the Premier League 19 appearances, 0 goals. Champions League, Community Shield, League Cup add up to 8 appearances, 0 goals also. Compared to last season, Azar's performance is very weak, and often affected by injuries. Chelsea insiders reveal that since Mourinho's relationship breakdown, Adjara's status is very poor, in Adjara's mind, he had left. Chelsea want to leave him unless major turning point appears. In addition they are not happy, but now Chelsea's league record is likely to lead them to miss next season's Champions League, which for Adjara is also unacceptable.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Paris, Real Madrid also get a hot Adjara. Zidane has been the coach of Real Madrid fans Azar, more than once publicly expressed his love for Adjara, "Aspen Daily" is revealed Real Madrid in the summer, will open the program poaching Azar, therefore A Bazar If you really cheap real madrid football shirts decided to leave, certainly not the absence of home.