We offer a full range of plumbing services to our commercial customers.

From emergency wash stations, sluice areas, disabled upgrades and general plumbing repairs, no task is too big or small!

We have experience in installing everything from smoothie machines, pressurised hot water boilers to commercial steam ovens. With over a decade in the trade we have been involved in many upgrades including installing McDonalds Frozen Smoothie machines, Laundry facilities and the new rage….. dog washes. We are comfortable dealing with any project from a dripping tap to piping in new appliances like coffee and ice machines to busy front of shop food outlets.


  • Welfare Facilities
  • Descaling and servicing
  • Tap replacement
  • Pipework and commissioning of front of house appliances
  • Laundry Facilities

Dpgplus planned, managed and upgraded the original cast iron pipework in the Royal Alexandria Maternity Hospital in Paisley during a live environment whilst around 200 new babies were brought into this world…..without any knowledge or disruption to them or their mummies!

DPG plus plumbing

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