We can undertake anything from a simple tile replacement or fixing a leak, to an entire re-roof.

We specialise in single ply roof repairs and replacements and are approved by Sika Trocal and Renolit to undertake these repairs or roof replacements.

All of our engineers carry the Sika Trocal certificate and we are the Approved Contractors for our area of Scotland.

As well as being experts in single ply we are also capable of undertaking more traditional roofing repairs or replacements including composite sheet, slate, random slate, concrete and felt roofing.

We also specialise in bespoke guttering systems as well as traditional UPVC or cast guttering.

At dpgplus we are capable of delivering a complete range of roofing solution.


DPG plus roofing

• Concrete tile
• Composite tile
• Slate
• Shingles
• Felt membrane

• Trocal single ply roofing systems (approved contractor)
• Renolit roofing single ply roofing systems (approved contractor)
• Sheeting (composite and galvanised)
• Cladding
• Gutter cleaning and servicing

One call does it all.

Call dpgplus on 01355‍ 220249, 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

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